Furniture is one of the most intimate items in our homes. We return home after a long day to seek comfort in a favorite chair, share a meal with love ones while gathered around the familiar dining room table, rock a newborn to sleep in an antique rocking chair handed down from a grandmother, and at the end of the day, turn-in for a peaceful night of sleep in a bed purchased a month before your wedding.

We know that having your cherished furniture and wood environments refinished or repaired by an unfamiliar company can be a bit unnerving. Will an experienced team of craftsmen attend to your furniture? Will the quality, original design and attention to detail be maintained? In addition to delivering a quality result, will the company be a reputable source that can be trusted? We have served the discerning needs of home owners, major corporations, healthcare institutions, manufacturers, interior designers and facility managers throughout Grand Rapids and the West Michigan for several years.

We provide furniture touch-up, furniture refinishing and furniture restoration to both residential and commercial markets. We specialize in furniture refinishing and repair of furniture, antiques, banisters, mantels, pianos, hardwood floors and cabinet refinishing for residential customers as well as conference room tables, desks, millwork and paneling for the commercial market.

Our mission is to uphold our city’s reputation for fine furniture. Grand Rapids was once known as one of the most well-known places for furniture manufacturing in the United States and referred to as the “Furniture City.” In 1902, furniture companies in Grand Rapids began using the name “Grand Rapids” itself as a trademark to establish their furniture as being sourced from the Furniture City rather than somewhere else.

We trust that the information within our web site will provide you with a sense of who we are and what is important to us. We hope that our experience, quality, values and desire to be the best furniture restoration source in West Michigan will provide you with the confidence to consider us for your next project. Please take a moment to reference our testimonials to see what our customers are saying about us.